Android 14 introduces one-tap mute shortcut for media playback

Android 14 is the most anticipated mobile operating system update. With every passing day, we are getting new updates that are getting included in Android 14. Google continues to provide builds for Android 14, which isn’t yet widely available. Beta 5.3 is already available, and it mostly focuses on bug fixes for things like carrier service problems and app crashes. The stable version of Android 14 is expected in a few months, as the update is under review from the Google Developer Team, and now we can get our hands on the new creative features.

While the anticipation for the arrival of Android 14 builds, internet rumors continue to circulate regarding the key advancements that Google’s development should focus on to enhance the OS. Now focusing on the changes, there are no prominent changes over the media player, but the output switcher should provide a useful one-touch shortcut to silence the audio. Compared to Android 13, a one-tap gesture was absent, so instead, users needed to carefully press the far left portion of the volume bar and swipe all the way down to silence the sound.

In addition to that, the output switcher for Android 14’s media player has a Speakers and Display header that adds a wave when you play or stop in addition to a new animation. At the official launch event of the Google Pixel 8 next month, Google may deliver the first finalized version of the new operating system, which is expected to accompany the enhancements. It should just take a few more weeks, so the users need to wait with patience for the release of the latest version of Android.

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It is important to note that, with the 5.x beta versions of Android 14, users can mute the audio by clicking the speaker symbol on the left of the volume meter, and with the second touch, restoring the music to about one-sixth of its maximum level is possible.

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