Google Calendar Gets a Graphical Overhaul

Google Calendar is one of the most commonly used applications which provides all the necessary functions related to dates, for example, you can set event reminders or take information about any upcoming festival and many more. This application also provides backup support for other applications whenever they need any information about certain dates. Now the application is getting a new graphic interface for a feature.

Google introduced a new icon change

This update brings a small but welcome graphic change. The “Today” icon is refreshed, which is available on the top right corner of the app between search and Google account. This feature is used to go directly to the present date. Along with the basic functionality, it also supports the dynamic themes of Material You.

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This new change is coming with the new update to Google Calendar with version number 2023.36.1.x. Apart from the icon change, the app doesn’t bring any other significant changes. It is worth noticing the new graphic change of the icon introduced in the ‘Schedule’, ‘Today’, “3 days”, “week,” and “month” sections. It is worth noting that the change is what you will see on smartphones only. You will not see any change on the tablets.

Google is continuously making some new changes to the app and in the recent update it seems to be busy in introducing some useful features for the application. For instance, the company has introduced the Material You style in widget style, the disappearance of reminders, and a new feature that helps the user show complete tasks in general settings.

To get all these features you should update the Google Calendar app to the latest version. Being a Google application it is available for all Android smartphones and Tablets, you can easily install the update through the Google Play Store.

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