Samsung and Skateboard GB Join Forces to Promote Skateboarding in the UK

Samsung UK and Ireland has teamed up with Skateboard GB to empower the next generation of skating talent and encourage increased involvement in the sport throughout the country, all captured on the new Galaxy Z Flip 5. The commercial relationship, coordinated by creative marketing firm Iris, intends to tap into the rising popularity of skateboarding among Gen Z in the UK and encourage British skateboarders to “Skate More, Skate Better”. Samsung embodies the Korean spirit of ‘Tu-hon’—a  blazing, underdog attitude of grit and passion and a persistent will to succeed—which goes hand-in-hand with athletes and their ‘guts to try’ approach.

The firm will commemorate the partnership with an event at London skatepark BaySixty, where a team of pro skaters will showcase their skateboarding skills to an audience of young skateboarders from the local community, encouraging them to ‘drop in’ with Samsung on the day. The skaters will illustrate what is possible if you have the courage to attempt, as well as the potential of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 5 as the ideal gadget to ensure you never miss a trick when you hit the ramp. Sky Brown will lead Jordan Thackeray, Stefani Nurding, Rivanne Evans, Ashley Mercer, and Alex Decunha in creating #withGalaxy content with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5.

The campaign wants the UK skateboarders to take part in various events, such as

  • Opportunities: developing and expanding Skateboard GB’s ‘The Cruiser Awards’ to encourage novice skateboarders aged between 8 and 16 in communities across the UK.
  • Facilities offered: protecting and sustaining community skate parks and areas around the country
  • Elite athlete support: funding performance routes and competitive registrations for Team GB

Innovative features like Flex Mode in the new leaflet Galaxy Z Flip 5 enable skateboarders to take the perfect action shot effortlessly, capturing those brave enough to get on a board, go up and down ramps, and land that trick that would appear impossible to most.

Annika Bizon, Marketing & Omnichannel Director at Samsung, states,Those that pick up a skateboard, whether at the Olympics or their local skate park, are so inspiring, as it demands guts and determination to keep trying. With the next Olympics around the corner and so much untapped talent across the UK, we’re thrilled to be supporting Skateboard GB in its development of the sport. We also know how important photography is to these athletes, recording their progress and capturing their skills mid-air, and our Samsung foldable devices can help do just that. Forget propping your phone up on the rails or with a shoe; Flex Mode does it for you, so you never miss a shot, no matter how many times it takes to land it.”

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