Android 15 to Bring Native PDF Support

The Android 14 framework from Google is over the air, and soon the stable version will be accessed through eligible devices. The stable version of the new operating system update is expected to be launched on October 4th this year, which is also the day that Google is said to unveil its Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. However, before the launch of Android 14, we had some perks with the Android 15 framework. Mishaal Rahman spilled the beans that a long-awaited but not significant new PDF opening functionality will be arriving with Android 15. If this turns out to be accurate, then Android should be able to open PDF files without the need for other services or apps.

Normally, opening PDF files makes use of external programs like Google Drive, Microsoft 365, and many more, but the new functionality may eradicate the need for these applications. Also, the feature makes the work simpler and faster, as it will be owing to a natively integrated service. However, this new functionality is not revolutionary for users with smartphones that have integrated with Google services, where they have Google Drive as the default one for this purpose. This feature comes as a jackpot for users who use smartphones without Google services, as their work to install other applications to open PDF files will have no need here.

Google’s Android 15 could be called Vanilla Ice Cream

But it’s quite a long time to wait for Android 15, as we have not gotten hands-on with its prior version. With every passing day, we are notified of the changes that Android 14 brings. The first beta of Android 14 QPR1 and the first developer preview of the new OS framework were all made available during the quarter 1 phase. Android 14 brought several user-requested features, which makes the arrival of Android 15 more anticipated.

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