Android 15 to Make Navigation Bar Transparent by Default

Google is about to roll out the latest OS, Android 14. It is bringing some useful features and improvements to the OS. Along with this, the update will also come with some new changes to the devices, which will give them an extra boost in functioning. But even before the release of the stable update of Android 14, we are here to see some new features that will appear with the next Android OS.

Android 15 will have a transparent navigation bar by default

According to Mishaal Rahman, Android 15 could constitute a further step forward from this point of view, forcing all apps to satisfy the API level or SDK level 35 to have a transparent navigation bar. This will be possible because of the recent change made to the AOSP code. It will be available inside the package in the form of a new configuration flag nav_bar_transparent_by_default under the windowing_frontend. It precisely means that it will make the navigation bar transparent by default when SDK 35 or later is met.

Further, Rehman explains that configs define feature flags at code compilation time, allowing you to configure flag values based on the build number, set certain flags as ‘read-only,” and check for new APIs in the build framework while they are in development.

You can try the navigation bar option if you have Android 14-installed devices

This option was first available to Pixel users who had enrolled in the Android 14 beta program. It appeared in the developer option with the first beta program for Pixel devices, so users can easily use it by activating it from the developer options through gestures menu.

If we talk about the advantages of a transparent navigation bar, it will enhance the user interface and resolve issues related to graphic inconsistency. The background for the bar is always black, which clashes with other apps that exclusively offer a light theme.

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