Google Calendar and Assistant Reminders are Moving to Google Tasks

As we know, Google has numerous applications, including Google Tasks and Google Calendar, which make our daily lifestyle easy. Additionally, Google also has its own Artificial Intelligence (AI) voice assistant- Google Assistant. The main advantage of having Google Assistant on your device is you can perform operations hands-free just by giving commands to it. Other than this, it is capable of many other things as well.

Today, we will talk about Google Assistant’s migration with Google Tasks, along with Google Calendar reminders. Informatively, Google announced back in September 2022 that Google Tasks would set reminders with the help of the other two apps (Google Assistant and Google Calendar). Finally, it has officially been announced that the service will be started by next month.

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For those who are unaware, this migration has been done to create and manage a single go-task platform through Google. By the decided time, the Google Account users will see a new option in Google Assistant and Google Calendar to start the migration with Google Tasks. In particular, a new ‘Turn My Reminders Into Tasks Now’ button will appear on your Google Calendar Reminders.

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Informatively, you will be able to create tasks on Google Calendar, with the help of Google Assistant, just by giving it a hands-free command. Later on, you will see all the to-dos in a single place. The good part is, if you forget to migrate the Google Assistant and Google Calendar reminders with the Google Tasks apps, they will automatically be migrated after Quarter 2nd of the year 2023.

Notably, the service will reach eligible Android devices on or after March 6th, 2023. With its help, you can create tasks from Google Workspace apps such as Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Chat as well. For Google Workspace apps, the migration will start on April 12th, and for them, the automatic transfer will begin on May 22nd, 2023. There is one thing to remember; the migration won’t work for Google Keep.

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