[Exclusive] Samsung To Bring Galaxy S24 Lock Screen Shortcuts To older Flagship Smartphones

Samsung has surpassed the One UI 6.0 and is now stepping up to climb its next ladder, the One UI 6.1, along with the next flagship series, the Galaxy S24. Undoubtedly, One UI 6.1 is the latest upgrade version that will bring a ton of the latest features, improvements, and more powers to the users as per their convenience, and one of the most spectacular features out of the bundle is going to be for the camera of Galaxy flagship devices: a new lock screen camera shortcut.

Yes! The Samsung One UI 6.1 update will bring exclusive integration with Instagram’s camera into the lock screen of the Galaxy S24 and then all the Galaxy flagship devices. Basically, the brand is shaking hands with Instagram to enhance the user-capturing experience.

One UI 6.1 will bring native support for telephoto and ultrawide cameras on the forthcoming Galaxy S24 and all other flagship devices, so you can easily switch to ultrawide and zoom cameras while using the Instagram app.

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How it feels when you have 200MP Galaxy cameras or other Galaxy flagship devices with extraordinary cameras, but even after that, while capturing the photos on Instagram, it does not matter how many Pixels you have? Well, the brand has also found a solution by collaborating with Instagram.

The Samsung by One UI 6.1 update will deliver a new shortcut to access Instagram’s camera mode directly from the lock screen of the devices. So the owners of Galaxy flagship devices, such as the S series or foldable ones, will be permitted to access Instagram’s camera mode directly from the lock screen, and the best part is that you can switch to ultrawide and zoom cameras.

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However, this support is already available for the Snapchat app, but for now only on the Galaxy S21 series. It is expected that later the company will make it available on the rest of the Galaxy flagship devices. Apart from this, it doesn’t seem that this exclusive enhancement will stop on Instagram because the brand can bring this support to other applications such as TikTok and more. 

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