One UI 6.0 (Android 14) Official Rollout Schedule & Timeline

Samsung has officially announced the One UI 6 schedule for its Galaxy devices. The list mentions more than 30 devices that will receive the latest One UI skin in the coming days. But before going to the official list, let’s know more about it.

The One UI 6 is the latest major update for Galaxy devices, which is based on Android 14. This means users will receive all new Android features as well as some extra features that are added by Samsung. For your information, the latest update will bring a plethora of new features, which will be added under several top system-level applications, including Camera, Gallery, Samsung Internet, and many more.

One UI 6.0: A Guide to Understanding Samsung’s Software Update Times

It is worth noticing that to introduce the One UI 6 stable version, Samsung has already tested it many times for every internal and external device. Currently, the Galaxy S23 device is the first lineup to receive the OneUI 6 stable version, which is limited to some countries. If you have any other devices that are eligible for One UI 6, then check out the below list to know when they will receive the update.

Samsung will update these devices to One UI 6

  • Galaxy S23 [Released]
  • Galaxy S23+ [Released]
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra [Released]
  • Galaxy A34 5G, November 13
  • Galaxy A54 5G, November 13
  • Galaxy Z Flip 5 November 13
  • Galaxy Z Fold 5—November 13
  • Galaxy S22, November 15
  • Galaxy S22+, November 15
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra, November 15
  • Galaxy A14 5G: Specific date undecided
  • Galaxy S23 FE, November 20
  • Galaxy A13 5G, November 20
  • Galaxy A33 5G, November 20
  • Galaxy A53 5G, November 20
  • Galaxy S21, November 20
  • Galaxy S21+, November 20
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra, November 20
  • Galaxy Z Fold 4—November 20
  • Galaxy Z Flip 4—November 20
  • Galaxy S21 FE, November 24
  • Galaxy A52, November 27
  • Galaxy A52s 5G, November 27
  • Galaxy A13, November 27
  • Galaxy A23 5G, November 27
  • Galaxy Z Flip 3: November 27
  • Galaxy Z Fold 3: November 27
  • Galaxy A72, November 30
  • Galaxy A14: Specific date undecided
  • Galaxy A52 5G: Specific date undecided
  • Galaxy Tab A7 Lite: Specific date undecided
  • Galaxy A25 5G, December 1
  • Galaxy A04s, December 4
  • Galaxy XCover 5: December 8
  • Galaxy A05s: Specific date undecided

Note: The above-mentioned list is the official list that is shared by Samsung specifically for Romania (Europe), so for other countries, the dates may be different. Whenever the update reaches your device, you will get a notification alert, or you can also manually check the update by going to the settings, tapping on the software update menu, and then touching the download and install button and waiting until it finishes searching.

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