Good Lock MultiStar brings Dual messenger app support and functional improvements

In the last few years, the company has mainly focused on providing better software support for the devices. It has introduced a more customized software experience for the devices. To manage the different customizations, the company has introduced a dedicated application called Good Lock, which provides different modules, and from those, Multi Star is one of the best modules, providing several options to customize multi-window-related functions.

Samsung MultiStar Brings New Features

Samsung has rolled out a new update for the MultiStar application, which is coming with version number 7.1.17. With the latest update, the company has introduced some new features, like dual messenger app support, which will provide more convenience to handle multiple accounts of the same application. For instance, if you are using dual WhatsApp, now you will easily interact with both the clone app and the original app in the multi-window.

Apart from this, the changelog also says that the update also includes some fixes that improve the functioning of the application, which also include improvements to page loading speed.

If you also want all the mentioned improvements, you can check the Galaxy Store on your device, or you can also sideload the application directly through this link. Whether the update is available or not. It is worth noticing that the update is available for the Galaxy devices, which are running on Android 14 and One UI 6.0.

  1. Is the Multistar module available on every Galaxy device?

    No, MultiStar is available for those Galaxy devices that support the Good Lock application.

  2. When will the latest update for MutiStar be available for every Galaxy device?

    It will soon be available on older Android-version Galaxy devices.

  3. Is the MultiStar application useful for only tables?

    The application is designed to give you a seamless multitasking experience, so it will be more useful on large-screen devices, including tablets.

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