Android Auto 11.1 Stable Available For Everyone With a New Feature

Google struggled last year to make its infotainment system stable, but this year the company may bring more improved functionality to the devices, and it has started doing it, and now Android Auto 11.1 stable update released. This is the latest version for users, which comes with fortunately new features that will enhance the overall experience of Android Auto users.

Android Auto 11.1 Stable improves Google Maps capabilities

With the latest Android Auto 11.1 stable, the developer team of Android Auto hasn’t shared any proper changelog, but users who have installed it noticed that it has brought new capabilities to Google Maps to categorize petrol and charging stations in separate columns. With this innovation, users can check the availability of fuel stations according to their requirements.

However, it is not clear whether it is some type of glitch or whether it will be an added change that will also be available with the stable version. If you also want to try it, you need to install the latest beta version of the application, and to do that, you just have to join the beta program from the official Play Store page or this link.

For starters, Android Auto is an entertainment application that provides proper functionality to use all the important features of your smartphone on the car display. Users can enjoy music streaming applications, Google Maps navigation, attend meetings, and many more with comfort and quickly within a few clicks.

  1. Is the latest update available for all Android Auto users?

    No, this is a beta update, so it will be available for those users who have enrolled in the beta program.

  2. What is the minimum system requirement to use Android Auto?

    To use Android Auto, you need an Android device running at least Android 8.0.

  3. When will the Android Auto 11.1 stable version be available?

    Google generally releases two beta versions of the application, and to test a beta version, it takes nearly one week. With this analysis, the stable update may be available in the next couple of weeks.

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