Good Lock’s Home Up and Wonderland have grabbed additional features

Samsung is constantly rolling out new changes for its own-designed applications. In all the new updates, the company is bringing some useful features and improvements for the devices. Now, after moving firmware, the company has started rolling out new updates for the two most popular Good Lock modules, including Wonderland and Home Up.

Wonderland and Home Up getting new features

Samsung has introduced the first updates for the year for Wonderland and Home Up with the version numbers 1.4.08 and, respectively. The new Wonderland application includes fixes that resolve several issues, such as the forced termination problem and the problem of Dark Mode not being properly supported in some UIs. Additionally, it has also adjusted the color of some UIs.

On the other hand, Home Up is also getting a new fix that addresses the issues with the favorite Max count bug for tablet models. So if you want to get improvements in these apps, then you should go for the latest update of this application.

To get the latest update of Wonderland and Home Up, you can go to the Galaxy store, and in case you don’t receive the update on the Galaxy device, you can also sideload the application from these links directly: For Wonderland, click here, and for Home Up, click here.

  1. Which Android version is required for Wonderland and Home Up’s new update?

    According to the information, the latest update for Wonderland is available for Galaxy devices that are running on Android 10 to Android 14, while Home Up’s new update is available for devices that are running on Android 14 devices.

  2. What will happen if I don’t update these applications?

    If you don’t update the apps, nothing serious will happen. But to take advantage of new benefits, you should update them to the latest version.

  3. Are these applications available on all Galaxy devices?

    No, as a part of the Good Lock family, these apps will only be available for those devices that support Good Lock functionalities.

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