Galaxy S24 users can smartly protect their device battery with this One UI 6.1 feature

Samsung has introduced many new features with the latest One UI 6.1 update, which has already arrived with the Galaxy S24 series devices. After the AI-powered feature, the battery protection feature stands out as the most interesting, enabling users to easily adjust their device’s charging settings.

Three options are available to protect your battery

Galaxy S24 devices have three protection features available for adjusting the battery. The first option, Basic Protection, provides automatic charging when your device reaches 100% and starts charging again when your phone drops to 95%. The charging cycle will continue until the charger is disconnected.

The second option, adaptive protection, will adjust to 80%. It will be helpful if you want to get your phone charged to 100% when you wake up; basically, it will pause the charging to 80% and will provide low power to the phone to exactly charge fully before you wake up.

The third option, Maximum Protection, will provide maximum protection; it will completely stop charging to 80% and will not resume until the battery level drops below 80%. This provides the most protection for your battery, but at the same time, it is obvious that you will get less power backup.

How to use battery protection features

To use the above-mentioned battery protection feature, you simply go to the system settings, scroll down to Battery, tap on the battery protection option, and now tap on toggle to turn it on. Here you will get all three options, including basic, adaptive, and maximum. Once you choose any of the options according to your requirements, the changes will be applied immediately. The feature is currently available on the Galaxy S24 series devices with One UI 6.1, but it is expected to be expanded to more Galaxy devices with One UI 6.1.

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