Gemini Is Now Available In Asia & Europe On Android Phones

People from Asia and Europe can now experience Gemini since Google has expanded the availability of Gemini in more countries to Android smartphones. Let’s take a closer look at why Gemini is a recent hot topic.

Google has already renamed the Bard to Gemini and introduced the Gemini for both Android and iOS devices; however, initially, it was surrounded by some limitations, which are that it was only available in the US and only in the English language. But things are appearing vice versa; finally, Google decided to expand the availability of Gemini to Android smartphones in more countries.

Several users from Asia and Europe are reporting that they are now eligible to get access to Gemini on their Android smartphones. On the other hand, Google has announced that with the expansion of Gemini, it will make it available to more users; however, the name of Europe was not mentioned.

It appears that Google is trying harder to make its latest AI chatbot available to as many users as possible. Some users have managed to get Gemini working on the Galaxy S23 lineup by sideloading the APK file of the application. Noticeably, some of the users have not been able to get access to Gemini by long-pressing the power button.

Jack Krawczyk, who leads the development of Gemini, stated a couple of days ago that the AI assistant would be available in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and North America next. Finally, Gemini is now on the doorstep of people more widely. At the moment, it is not as well known as Google Assistant for smart home-related tasks, but Google assures that work is in progress around the clock to bring those missing features to Gemini.

Gemini is powered by the Gemini LLM of Google, and it is far more capable of understanding natural language and conversations. Gemini has quite a newer UI as compared to Google Assistant.

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