Google started distributing January 2024 system update to Samsung devices

Google introduced the January 2024 system update last month, but it was not yet being distributed to Android devices. Now it has started expanding the update to the devices. On the other side, the company has also unveiled new changes for the Google Play system for February 2024, but they will be available after some time.

The January 2024 Google system update brings new features for the devices

In January 2024, Google will bring several new features under different services, like developer services, the Google Play Store,and adaptive connectivity services.

In the Google Play Store, there are some new features that will help you get new UI improvements for large screen devices and a new instant recommendation based on the game categories you tell Google Play you are interested in.

Here you can check the Update – Go to Settings> About Phone> Software Information> Tab on Google Play System Update.

In the Google Play services, there are some new features introduced, so now you can use your Android QR code scanner to scan eSIM barcodes. It also provides some developer services related to The update also provides some connectivity features with the nearby share, now called Quick Share.

Additionally, several new changes are introduced under different systems, such as system management, Android WebView, wallets, and many more.

The latest software update will be available for all Android devices, despite the limitations of Android smartphones. Informatively, this update is automatically installed on all the affected producers, but if you want to speed things up, you can always go through the system settings.

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