Google Gearing Up To Reduce Spam & Unwanted Gmail

Gmail users are well familiar with the vast range of spam as well as unwanted messages they receive, which creates inconvenience, but now it appears that Google has found a fix.

Currently, Google has unveiled its plans for fixing the inconvenience of the users, for which it will work to reduce the amount of spam and unwanted messages. As part of the plans, the new policies will come into existence gradually by early April 2024, and this will especially affect the marketing agencies that send unwanted, uncountable promotional emails.

It is being speculated that, as per the announcement of Google itself and the guidelines for sending emails available on the official Email Sender Guidelines FAQ support page, the accounts that send more than 5,000 emails per day will have to be authenticated.

So now, under this policy, Google will check that messages comply with Gmail’s anti-spam policies, rejecting emails that are considered unnecessary and come from senders who used to send countless messages. However, it is not clear yet what percentage of emails will be filtered.

It’s pretty clear that the reason behind this policy of Google is just to fix the inconvenience and, more importantly, protect Gmail users from the constant promotional messages and newsletters of little use that clog up their inboxes. Google implemented the AI-based RETVec algorithm back in November 2023, which successfully reduced scams and hacking emails. The brand has also introduced an easily accessible unsubscribe button, making it easier for users to quickly unsubscribe from mailing lists.

The question twerks in the mind: How will Gmail’s new anti-spam system exactly work?

So the simple answer is that for this system, firstly, Google will inquire about the users’ behavior and also track which senders are systematically ignored or whose messages end up directly in spam. Then, based on the data from the inquiry, it will be able to identify who is sending countless irrelevant emails to the recipient. Previously, Gmail only advised users to unsubscribe from unwanted senders’ services. Now that the brand has come over with the new policy, all we have to do is wait until this policy comes into existence.

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