Samsung Announce Galaxy S24 Themed Fortnite Event: Will Held On 18th February

Undoubtedly, the Korean brand ‘Samsung’ has no need for too many advertisements since they have a vast range of Galaxy fans, but it’s an essential part of business somewhere. Again, it is back with a ‘Fortnite’ themed event.

In addition to promoting several previous Galaxy gadgets, Samsung has already used Epic Games’ Fortnite as a playground. Now the brand is back with this for the latest Galaxy S24 series. The Korean Electronics Ibera is hosting a new event in Fortnite named Samsung Galaxy Portals.

Mark the date! This Arena event will be held on February 18 at the Samsung Store Callo in Madrid, so get ready for the event.

At the event, players from two regions, Spain and Portugal, can compete and represent their respective countries, and the winner has a chance to win a prize, including the latest Galaxy S24 Ultra, which is the most premium one in the Galaxy family yet.

It is known that this new Fortnite challenge is made up of several phases, whereas the first is named Samsung Galaxy Portals Deathrun. This first challenge is all about a custom Fortnite map that is themed after the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor of the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Also, while playing this map, participants all have to do is avoid obstacles while going from point A to Z, and to win the challenge, they have to complete the run in the shortest time possible.

The prize for the winner of this event is the Galaxy S24 Ultra, plus the three fastest Fortnite players will get to represent Spain in the next step of the event, which consists of an in-person meeting at the Samsung Galaxy Protals Arena.

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