Samsung Defends Cold War For AI Photo Editing On Galaxy S24

Beyond question Samsung Galaxy S24 series’ smartphones are the power package of artificial intelligence-generated features. The brand has attached Galaxy AI to these smartphones.

As compared to past times, now the ways of AI features and capabilities are expanded in all ways. But even before the large-scale adoption of AI facilities, smartphone brands used to advertise their smartphones like they were able to capture the moon from cloud nine with a special moon zoom.

As per the time, things have also changed now. The Galaxy S24 comes equipped with a variety of AI features. AI photo editing is something else. With the help of generative AI, one can easily modify photos in an impressive way, such as by removing objects, adding them, or rearranging them.

But here’s the question: does an AI-edited image still appear “real”?

So on behalf of this AI photo editing feature, head of customer experience at Samsung, Patrick Chomet, stated in an interview with TechRadar that there is no such thing as a “real” picture. Once the sensors are used to capture an image, reality is already reproduced and interpreted.

Chomet does not stop here and continues an interview by pointing towards the different tastes of the users; for instance, some just want to take beautiful photos, whereas others want to control every single detail of an image. So, generative AI is the best way to fulfill the different tastes; it can serve both groups by expanding the creative scope. Basically, things can’t be real once the lens or the sensors are used.

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