Samsung loses ground as iPhones dominate 2023

Two smartphone brands, Apple and Samsung, are holding up green flags in the tech industry, which are undoubtedly the toughest competitors of each other as well as other smartphone brands. Both of these two brands are battling to stand at the top. The reports indicate that the fruit company has overtaken the Korean brand.

If the reports are to be believed, the fruit company Apple has sold more smartphones as compared to the Korean one, Samsung, last year in 2023 and became the leading brand in the smartphone market, all with a decent margin over its competitors.

As per the reports, it is pretty clear that Apple has won the race to be the best-selling smartphone in 2023. In the ranking of the top 10 smartphones shipped worldwide in 2023, there are seven smartphones from Apple and only three belong to the Samsung family. The list of devices is as follows in sequence order:

Top 10 Smartphones That Shipped Worldwide in 2023

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max (34 million)
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max (33 million)
  • iPhone 14 (29 million)
  • iPhone 14 Pro (29 million)
  • iPhone 13 (23 million)
  • Galaxy A14 4G (21 million)
  • iPhone 15 Pro (21 million)
  • Galaxy A54 5G (20 million)
  • Galaxy 145G (19 million)
  • iPhone 15 (17 million)

So the list is in front of us, which clearly shows that Apple won the race as its seven smartphones are in the top 10 list, whereas only three Galaxy devices reserved their place in the top 10 list. Also, all three Galaxy smartphones belong to the mid-range family. By these metrics, Samsung has to work hard this year to lead the industry.

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