Samsung’s titanium doesn’t compete with iPhone 15 Pro’s titanium durability

Samsung has introduced several innovations in its new flagship series of devices, including Galaxy SS24, S24+, and S24 Ultra. If we talk about some of the highlighted features, including some highly anticipated AI features, the device also arrived with a new One UI 6.1 update, which has brought some internal software changes that make the level of the device experience. 

However, this time, the Korean giant hasn’t brought any new changes to its body design. To provide more finishing, the company has introduced a new titanium frame for the Galaxy S24 Ultra device. With the titanium frame, the Compa successfully provides a lightweight and strong phone but doesn’t compete in the durability test of the iPhone 15 Pro.

iPhone 15 Pro equipped with Grade 5 titanium

According to popular YouTuber JerryRigEverything tests, the Galaxy S24 Ultra failed to pass the durability test compared to the iPhone 15 Pro. He revealed that the Samsung device is equipped with a Grade 2 Titanium frame, while the iPhone 15 Pro is made with Grade 5 titanium, which is way more durable. It was also revealed that Samsung has used 6061 aluminum for the rest of the phone, and the company has used plastic to bind aluminum and titanium parts of the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

It is worth noticing that Samsung launched the S24 six months after the iPhone 15 Pro, but the company still cannot provide better quality parts than its competitor. However, it may be a trial for making the device available for use at low cost, and maybe the company will introduce a more suitable titanium frame in the upcoming S series devices.

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