Fortnite Refund Deadline Extended Till February 29th

Users have until the end of February to submit a refund request to the Federal Trade Commission if you’re a US player of Fortnite and think you were charged for additional purchases while playing.

Fortnite players and their legal guardians or parents can now file a claim for compensation from the Federal Trade Commission’s 2023 settlement with Epic Games, as the deadline has been extended. Players and their legal guardians or parents can file a claim for compensation from the Federal Trade Commission’s 2023 settlement with Epic Games because the video game developer used dark patterns and other deceptive practices to trick them into making unnecessary purchases.

The claims procedure, which was earlier expected to expire in January of this year, was begun in September of 2023 after the regulatory agency finalized a deal against Epic Games. A total of $245 million was set aside solely for reimbursements. Part of the $520 million settlement package, which is related to the ‘dark patterns and billing practices’ that Epic Games included in the game, accounts for $245 million of the refunds.

Affected Fortnite users make use of this last chance:

To register for a refund, gamers must link an Epic Games account and complete specific conditions. Participants won’t lose any in-game items as a result of signing up because the procedure is a refund rather than a return. Players who were charged for unwanted items between January 2017 and September 2022, those whose account was locked by Epic Games for disputing charges through their credit card company between January 2017 and September 2022, Also, users who received a credit card charge after a child made an unwanted purchase between January 2017 and November 2018 are all eligible.

After contacting Epic Games for help or trying to reconcile the charges with their credit card issuers, several customers who had been charged had their accounts blocked, as highlighted by the FTC. After being found to have broken the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Rule in a previous verdict, Epic Games is now facing even more setbacks. The FTC’s report states that Epic’s activities had an impact on 37 million eligible Fortnite users. To entice potential refund beneficiaries to submit their claims before the deadline of February 29, 2024, it will continue to send them emails.

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