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Galaxy AI Boosts Samsung Keyboard Ahead of Gboard



Samsung Keyboard and Gboard are made to provide more convenience while typing any content for continuing your conversation or doing more with new features that are added with time, such as GIFs, stickers, and many editing options. If we talk about the basic to medium features, both of the keyboard applications come with similar features, but if we talk about some specific feature, the Samsung keyboard takes the lead.

Galaxy AI changed the game to allow users to text more conveniently

Samsung has recently introduced two new Galaxy AI-powered features with the One UI 6.1 update for the Samsung keyboard, which include writing assist and chat assist. Going into details, the writing assistant allows you to translate the text message into the desired language and also provides guidance on style and grammar. Along with this, the feature also offers to change the tone of the message in different manners, like polite, casual, professional, etc.

Meanwhile, the Chat List offers translation of messages in real time into 13 different languages, which will make it easy to understand the message in your language.

Other features that make the Samsung keyboard much better

Clipboard management: The Samsung keyboard provides more optimized functioning, which allows users to take advantage of better continuation of working with PCs and smartphones. The clipboard is also used to copy and paste objects from one device to another.

Text shortcuts: Samsung keyboards offer to create shortcuts for frequently used phrases. This will save effort when typing repetitive text.

Better swipe typing: According to the report from several users, the swipe recognition is more accurate in certain languages.

Cursor control with space bar: The Samsung keyboard lets you move the cursor by sliding the finger on space. The main difference is that you can actually move the cursor not only in the in the left and down directions but also in the up and down directions.

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Carrier-locked Galaxy A54 gets July 2024 update




Samsung has already rolled out the July 2024 security patch update for the Galaxy A54 device in South Korea. With the fresh development, the company has started rolling out updates in the US.

Samsung Galaxy A54 July 2024 update

Samsung Galaxy A54 has started getting July 2024 updates on the locked variants. More specifically, the device was spotted getting a new update with firmware version number S546VLUDS9CXCG on the TracFone. The company is expected to provide updates to more units in the coming days.

The latest update for Galaxy A54 comes with the standard changelog, which doesn’t specifically highlight any changes that occurred with the update. Looking at the software package, which is 266 MB, no major changes are expected from the update.

According to the official documentation, the latest security patch update addresses more than 60 fixes, enhancing the devices’ overall security. To be secure, you should update your device to the latest version.

Galaxy A54 was launched in 2023, and the device came with Android 13 preinstalled; later, it received the first major software update in One UI 6.0 and Android 14. Following the software update policy, the device will get three more major updates in the coming days.

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Camera Assistant is also now available for Galaxy M53



Samsung Camera Assistant is a Good Lock module that allows users to take advantage of several camera functionalities on devices. Samsung has limited its availability to some devices, but now the Galaxy M53 also has access to the function.

Galaxy M53 now supports Camera Assistant

Samsung has recently rolled out a new update for Camera Assistant with version With the latest update, the Galaxy M53 is also getting support from the camera assistant.

For your information, the Camera Assistant will provide many features that can help users adjust the camera’s features, such as Zoom shortcuts, DDFadapter correction, and more.

If you are using the Galaxy M53, you can now take advantage of the Camera Assistant. To do that, you just need to download the latest update from the Galaxy store. To find out about the availability of other devices, you can check the list.

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Galaxy S23 grabs July 2024 update in South Korea



Samsung has rolled out the July 2024 update for the Galaxy S23 devices for the devices. It is worth noticing that the company has rolled out the update for many regions.

Samsung Galaxy S23 July 2024 Patch

Samsung is following the tradition of gradually expanding the update. Now, the Galaxy S23 has started getting the July 2024 update in South Korea and is expected to be available in more regions.

Users who own the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra can identify the latest update by the firmware version number S911NKSS4CXG4, S916NKSS4CXG4 and S918NKSS4CXG4 respectively.

The July 2024 update is a general security patch update. It will not provide any visual changes to your device. However, Samsung may introduce new features for your device in the next monthly update borrowed from One UI 6.1.1.

However, if you are conscious about your security, you should always update your device with the latest security patches. To do that, you need to go to the software update menu through the system settings and check for the update.

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