Samsung Replaced The YMTC And About To Supply RAM For Chinese iPhones

From now on, Samsung will supply the RAM for the Chinese variants of iPhones instead of the local provider Yangtse Memory Technologies Co. (YMTC). Apple, the parent company of the iPhone, has switched the RAM provider because they were continuously being pressurized by the United States, as the company (YMTC) is expected to be in the US government’s export control entity list.

As per Appleinsider, the Californian company has now dropped its plan to purchase the 3D NAND flashes from the Chinese provider YMTC that were supposed to be used in the iPhone devices of the Chinese market. And now, to meet the demand for RAM in the devices, Apple will get into a partnership with the South Korean company Samsung, which will provide the RAM chips to the company.

While on the other hand, Apple is also planning to purchase 128-layered NAND chips from YMTC. As the reports read, those chips will be two or three generations low from Samsung and Micron’s chips, but their cost will be 20% less. The chips manufactured by Samsung will feature the iPhone models of China from the beginning of 2023 (we are expecting the iPhone 15).

Previously, Samsung Electronics refused to sign a contract with Apple because instead of buying the high-value-added memory solution, the US giant wanted to purchase NAND flashes from it, which are relatively inexpensive. But now Samsung has agreed to this partnership and will supply the NAND flashes to the company so that they can increase their NAND flash market shares.

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