Unlocked Galaxy Note 20 updated to January 2023 security patch in the US

Within a few days, Samsung made the January 2023 update available to many Galaxy devices. The Korean giant is now on a streak and adding more devices daily to the new security update list. The company is now rolling out the latest security update for Galaxy Note 20 series devices.

Notably, the update is currently available for the carrier-unlocked variant of the Galaxy Note 20 series devices in the US. Users of these devices can identify the latest update by the firmware version numbers N981U1UES3GVL1 and N986U1UES3GVL1 for Galaxy Note 20 original and Galaxy Note 20 ultra, respectively.

The January 2023 update brings the latest Android security patch; it includes around 52 patches which are added by Google and targets the Android OS specifically, while Samsung has also attached 20 more patches for its Galaxy devices.

Moreover, the latest update is part of the security maintenance program, which Google runs to provide better security for Android devices, so it generally improves the overall security of the device, but sometimes it comes with important enhancements for the device that make the working of the device smooth and give its internal function more stability.

Samsung January 2023 security update details

Samsung explained the vulnerabilities that were corrected with the update: there are no vulnerabilities marked as ‘critical’ or ‘moderate’, but 50 of ‘high’ severity are mentioned, along with three previously integrated CVEs, including those related to Personal Area and NFC. No further news seems to have been integrated: Android 13 has already arrived in recent weeks.

The January 2023 security update also fixes a vulnerability in the Samsung Knox service related to permissions or privileges. Also, it adds restrictions that prevent the protected folder container from remaining unlocked under certain conditions.

Galaxy Note 20 monthly updates

As Samsung is committed to providing a better and more secure environment on its devices, that’s why the company has divided its Galaxy devices into three categories for security update, including Monthly updates, Quarterly updates, and Biannual updates, which reflects their eligibility for each monthly update, four updates and two updates per year respectively.

For information, the Galaxy Note 20 series devices are eligible for one monthly security update. And if you want a more secure environment on your device, it is better to install the latest update on your device as soon as possible.

Other Galaxy models that have received the latest security update

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