Samsung provides long-term software support for your Galaxy A54 and A34

Every smartphone manufacturer setup their update policies according to which all their devices get regular updates, no matter if they are security patches or major OS updates. The policy varies by model, launch year, and category factors, as the flagship and premium devices get more updates than the mid-range and budget phones. Today we will see when Samsung’s Galaxy A54 and A34 devices will stop having regular updates. 

Informatively, the South Korean tech firm has recently spoken about two upcoming Samsung Galaxy A series devices- the Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A34 5G. It is being said that both of these devices will be available on the market for purchase by the second half of this month. Additionally, many other mid-range Galaxy phones will also make their way to the tech market at the same time as those two. 

Let us tell you, as both of these devices are mid-range phones; they will get fewer updates than Samsung’s flagships and other premium devices. For information, the devices will get three types of updates for a pre-decided period. These three types of updates are- Security Patch updates, Operating System (Android) updates, and User Interface (One UI) updates. Let’s take a look at the versions with which these Galaxy A devices will last. 

Security Patch updates

  • Informatively, Security Patch updates, which the BigG provides to correct errors in software codes. 
  • Samsung promises to provide five years of security patch updates for both Galaxy A54 and A34 devices. 
  • Both of these Galaxy A devices will get Security Patches till the year 2028. 
  • The Galaxy A54 will get monthly updates till 2026 and, afterward, quarterly updates for the rest of two years. 
  • The Galaxy A34 will instantly start to receive quarterly updates for three years and then will get half-yearly updates for the rest two years. 

Operating System (Android) updates

As per Samsung’s official update policy, both of these Galaxy A series devices will get a total of four major OS updates excluding the one they will launch with. Notably, these devices will be launched with Android 13, which means they will get up to Android 17 updates. We are providing the list below, on which we have mentioned what OS updates these devices will get and when. 

  • Android 14: Late 2023
  • Android 15: Late 2024
  • Android 16: Late 2025 or Early 2026
  • Android 17: Late 2026 or Early 2027

User Interface (One UI) Updates

Along with the Android updates, Samsung provides UI updates as well to Galaxy phones. These UI updates are based on the on-time Android versions; as of now, the devices will launch with Android 13 and One UI 5.1, which means they will get the same number of UI updates as the OS versions. Currently, Samsung’s UI is One UI which means the Galaxy A devices will last with One UI 9. 

There is one thing to remember, the South Korean firm every time launches an additional update for each generation of its One UI. For example, the One UI 5 has recently got a One UI 5.1 additional update. Informatively, the Galaxy A series devices are eligible for One UI and additional UI updates. We are providing the list below. 

  • One UI 6: Late 2023 (With Android 14)
  • One UI 6.1: Spring 2024
  • One UI 7: Late 2024 (With Android 15)
  • One UI 7.1: Spring 2025
  • One UI 8: Late 2025 or Early 2026 (With Android 16)
  • One UI 8.1: Spring 2026
  • One UI 9: Late 2026 or Early 2027 (With Android 17)
  • One UI 9.1: Spring 2027

Nota bene, this information has been prepared by looking at Samsung’s latest update policy, and if it doesn’t change by that time going, the Galaxy A54 and A34 devices will get the updates as we have mentioned above.

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  1. Looks good to me. I got the A34 and it works fine in the US. I do not care if it is international and not warranty, just baby the phone, and make it last as long as possible.


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