Galaxy S22’s March 2023 update now available in several countries

After serving the initial March 2023 security update for several devices in any particular country, Samsung is now Gradually expanding it to different countries. Currently, the company is expanding the update for the Galaxy S22 series device, which has previously received the update in Europe.

According to the information, the latest update for Galaxy S22 is now expanding in four new regions, including Asia, Australia, North America, and Latin America. Users who own Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra devices in these regions can install the latest update, which has version numbers S901EXXS3CWB5, S906EXXS3CWB5, and S908EXXS3CWB5 respectively.

  • Argentina,
  • Bolivia,
  • Brazil,
  • Chile,
  • Colombia,
  • Guatemala,
  • Indonesia,
  • Malaysia,
  • Mexico,
  • New Zealand,
  • Panama,
  • Paraguay,
  • Peru,
  • Thailand,
  • The Netherlands,
  • The Philippines,
  • Trinidad & Tobago,
  • Uruguay,
  • Vietnam.

However, in some countries, the same March 2023 update will be available with different version numbers as in China and Hongkong, the update will be available with version numbers S90x0ZHS2CWB8 (Here, the x represents the model number which will be different for each device). In the US, the Galaxy S22 series is getting the March 2023 security update with firmware version S90xUSQS2CWB7 for the carrier-locked units and firmware version S90xU1UES2CWB7 for unlocked units.

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The March 2023 security update is a regular update that is available for Android devices; the update brings several improvements to the security of the device, which will make sure that your device has no vulnerabilities, so you can easily enjoy your favorite content on your device without worrying about the security of your data.

Users who own Galaxy devices should receive a notification regarding the new update so they can easily update their devices by tapping on the notification, which will redirect to the software update; now, simply tap on the download button. In case there is any problem in receiving notifications or you missed it, you can also update your phone by following the below steps.

How to install

  1. First Go to the system settings
  2. Scroll down and tap on the software 
  3. Tap on download and install 
  4. Wait until it finished searching
  5. Now Tap on the download button and install.

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