Galaxy S23’s next update will aim to Night Photography improvement

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S23 flagship contains incredible photographic abilities, one of which is Galaxy S23’s Nightography function. The Korean firm Samsung is planning to improve the latest flagship’s Nightography abilities, and to make it possible, it will soon launch an update for it. It is rumored that Samsung’s upcoming update is currently being tested with the latest Galaxy S23 Ultra device. Let’s know more about this matter.

Informatively, the well-known leak star IceUniverse Tweeted– “I saw the sample of the WD3 version of S23 Ultra firmware being tested, and it seems that the photos at night have also improved.” It clearly means that the company is currently testing the firmware for the top-notch Galaxy S23 Ultra device with the version ending with WD3. Additionally, he specified as well that the images captured at night had been improved now.

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Unfortunately, the tipster hasn’t revealed anything about this new update’s launch timing, but we are expecting that it may be the May 2023 security patch update because the Galaxy S23 flagship members have already received April 2023 security patch. About the expected May 2023 security patch, the Korean firm has already started its rollout, which will soon touch the Galaxy S23 flagship’s milestone as well.

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The same tipster previously revealed that the Galaxy S23 devices would get a major camera update, and the leak turned out to be true. So, there is a high chance that this news will also be true. However, the question is whether the Nightography function’s improvement happens with the May 2023 patch or if we should wait for the next update. The answer lies in the future only.

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