Samsung’s Customer Support Elevates Foldable Phone Ownership

Samsung is all set for the Galaxy Unpacked Event at its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, on July 26, where it will unveil the most anticipated set of foldable, Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5. The event is just a week away, and several leaked renderings have revealed the specifications, first look, and how the forthcoming models differ from their predecessors. But the foldable holds a significant feature that is left unnoticed by everyone.

Foldable smartphones have gained great popularity in the past few years, but some people still fear using these devices because of the greatly feared display failures. The dreaded display problems have affected several foldable phones from the beginning and still pose a threat, but the manufacturers are currently working to solve the issue. The recent foldable launched by Google, Pixel Fold, has fallen victim to this problem, and the cause is highly expected to be poor engineering and the pull of gravity.

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Several users reported, and there have been enough consumer complaints to warrant caution. While discussing the foldables’ features, better hinge technology, improved design, and pricing details are the things prominent. But actually, Samsung Care+, a comprehensive strategy for maintaining every Galaxy gadget, should be given more attention. Google and Motorola provide their own repair services with a price range not too far from Samsung.

Samsung always stands out in terms of accessibility and user concerns from its rivals; as of now, more than 900 Samsung outlets are accredited to service Samsung goods. Slowly but steadily, Samsung has developed a nationwide network of local repair centers, many of which offer same-day services for walk-in, walk-out repairs. This feature surely holds a great role in the selling of the future foldable.

But this doesn’t mean that the user can break the device just like that and rely on a trustworthy repair business. Sometimes things turn worse, and alternatively, than the way we planned, this feature just backs you up in such circumstances. Breaking your new foldable, and you have one that can return a functional phone to you in less than a day is the best thing that a consumer can ask for.

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Thanks to “Zdnet”