Samsung Starts First FCBGA Manufacturing Facility In S. Korea

So FCBGA, what is it, what does it have to do with Samsung and why we are telling you this?

First of all, we know that amid all the monotonous news, sometimes readers want to explore something different like a distinguished person does from time to time, that’s why we bring you the information about semiconductors and other stuff.

So, today another subsidiary of Samsung, SEM started industrial-level production of the Flip Chip Ball Grid Array (FCBGA) for servers in their home turf Korea; this is the first time for Samsung to produce FCBGA in Korea. According to sources, Samsung wants to establish itself in this particular tech among the big Global Players.

The plant in Busan is running the biz and output results; both material & tech will be utilized in CPUs and GPUs.

The FCBGA & Substrate

In brief, FCBGA is a highly-integrated bundle board which combines a high-integration semiconductor chip with a central board. FCBGA tech is vital when performance is more substantial than expenditure, such as servers and workstations. 

The substrate is the base layer of a structure in a chip, multichip module (MCM), printed circuit board, or disk platter, and Silicon is the most extensively used substrate for chips.

Below are some key developments for Samsung in this regard

  • As of now, the Korean Conglomerate has poured 300 billion won ($227.4 million) into the native country for manufacturing the future substrate technology with already spent 2 trillion won in the previous two years for the expansion of the production.
  • Last year, Samsung Electro-Mechanics produced 703,000 square meters of package substrates, equivalent to 100 soccer fields.
  • Estimates suggest the FCBGA market will extend by 14 % a year for the next five years and reach $17 billion by 2026.
  • Climbing injunctions for high-performance chips to control 5G and AI applications will result in even better demands.
  • Japan’s Ibiden and Shinko Electric Industries with Taiwan’s Unimicron are cutting lines to pursue the biz; even the home-rival Korea’s LG Innotek will start mass production next year.

The Takeaway

SEM’s expansion and investment in Busan are being seen as a focal point for manufacturing FCBGA for servers, i.e. with four times larger in size and doubled layers compared to package substrates for PCs, taking the tech to the next level for achieving unparalleled success by Samsung.

At this moment, only a handful like Japan’s Ibiden and Shinko Electric Industries are qualified in the tech, but that’d perhaps see the turnaround withSEMs investment.

Samsung SDI, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsung Display, and other Samsung Group subsidiaries already manufacture & produce several components for OEMs, e.g., camera modules and SCs, to display solutions and batteries; Samsung does it all. 

And with already started 3-nm mass production early this July, Samsung doesn’t seem to be backing down from this conquest of acquiring the memory chip and foundry market.