Samsung updates the Calendar app but features unclear

Samsung always updates its application giving a new experience to the user. Samsung Calendar has a new version out today, and by the looks of it, it’s not just another bug repair update. This feature of the update improves the app in several ways.

The update raises the version of the Calendar App to v12.4.07.15. According to the changelog, the update offers four notable improvements. The changelog, however, is outdated and was taken from version, which Samsung released in mid-April, which is the main concern. It is not clear what has changed; according to the official repeated changelog, stickers have been enhanced. Additionally, it specifies a “Repetition” option for the “quick add” menu as well as a setting to conceal search history in the Calendar.

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The repeat changelog also mentions improved category colors for the “Reminder” function. None of these alterations for additions, however, are novel. Overall, Samsung continues to improve the One UI and its first-party app experiences, but the Calendar upgrade falls short of expectations. It’s not as thrilling as the changelog makes it out to be, and this brings to light a persistent problem with the company’s app update changelogs, where new versions reuse old content without providing specifics on what they add or modify.

This has been going on for a while, and Samsung’s behavior shows no indications of improvement. Although we don’t know what this new update adds, owners of Galaxy devices interested in downloading the most recent version should plan on a 45 MB download. The Galaxy Store is where you can get the update.

For alternative ways, you can access to Galaxy Store on your Samsung smartphone by click-updates on the hamburger menu button, and through this, you can verify the most recent version of Calendar ( is ready for you or not.

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