Samsung Bixby brings new features and improvements

Bixby is a virtual assistant from Samsung that makes using your phone simpler and works alongside your preferred applications and services to help you get more done as it learns, develops, and adapts to what you want to do. Bixby Home, Bixby Vision, Bixby Voice, and Bixby Routines are the features offered by Bixby. Samsung has brought up some significant changes in the Bixby vision and Bixby’s voice. Bixby Wakeup is developed to enhance the functions of Bixby voice.

As of July 2023, the updated versions of the Bixby wakeup and Bixby Voice apps are and A sophisticated speech assistant called Bixby voice makes the usage of the gadget easier. On your Galaxy phone or tablet, calling Bixby may be done hands-free using Voice wakeup without tapping on any button. Once this function is configured, all you need to do is say “Hi, Bixby,” followed by a phrase of command or inquiry, and the virtual assistant will respond to you. A Galaxy Watch can also have voice wakeup enabled.

To enable the wakeup feature, open Bixby and, tap on the discover symbol, select more alternatives. Voice wakeup is accessed after selecting settings. Turn it on by tapping the top switch, and turn it off by tapping again. A great addition to the current version is the addition of Bixby for children. Within the Samsung account, parents can create a kid account, and after that, they can register it on Bixby.

Samsung Bixby becomes more smarter with new update

But currently, this functionality is limited only to South Korea and the US. Samsung has also made some functionality changes in Bixby Vision. Bixby Vision offers blind people a straightforward interface and uncomplicated setup while audibly describing what it observes, assisting users with the happenings around their surroundings.

The enhanced feature allows users to get pertinent information by looking for photos, identifying characters, and translating foreign languages, and Bixby Vision can also read aloud text or colors from the camera screen and scan QR codes. To use this software, the user just needs a Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account.

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