Samsung LockStar is updated with several new features – Good Lock

The Samsung team these weeks is particularly busy updating the various Good Lock modules, and in the last few hours, one more has received the 2023 graphic revamp: we are talking about LockStar.

Good Lock LockStar basically serves to customize the lock screen of your Galaxy. It allows you to add or remove elements from the screen and combines well with other modules to show information about the terminal or the services that interest you.

Now Samsung has released a new update for the LockStar, which includes several new features which will enhance the functionality of the module. The new update has the compilation number If you want to know everything that this new patch includes, I leave you the list below:

Good Lock LockStar Update: Changelog

Added ‘Widgets’ on Lock screen and Always On
*Constraints info in Always On Display
Widget usage is not available for burn-in protection in the below cases
1) when you are using a clock type from Image Clock
2) when you applied the clock of custom type in ClockFace app

To get all these functionalities, you should download the latest update of LockStar. To do so, you have to just go to the Galaxy store and then type LockStar. If the update is available, tap on the update button. Alternatively, if you have access to Good Lock, then you can also update the app from there.

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