Samsung dominates China’s foldable smartphone market

The South Korean manufacturer has had difficulty holding onto its market share over the past few years in the Chinese smartphone industry. But it seems the tables are going to turn for Samsung in China with the arrival of foldables. The firm’s market share in the foldable smartphone segment has more than doubled in the past year, overtaking domestic manufacturers like Honor, Vivo, and Xiaomi, according to statistics reports from Computerpoint Research. This expansion coincides with a more than doubling in China’s overall sales of foldables.

Samsung’s market share in the foldable industry increased to 26% in the first quarter of 2023, a significant increase from the small number of 6% that was recorded at the same time last year, in 2022. The Samsung breakthrough is not overlooked, despite the fact that it leaves Huawei and OPPO, which share the lead with a market share of around 27%, Considering the market share of Huawei and OPPO for the last year, it turned out to be a downfall for Huawei as it recorded 57% in 2022, but OPPO got quite good numbers this year, with an increment from 18% in 2022.

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It is significant to note that these numbers do not yet include sales of Samsung’s newest foldable models, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5, both of which are anticipated to strengthen the business’ leadership in the market. Xiaomi holds the least share of all, and it seems the launch of the world’s slimmest foldable smartphone, the MIX Fold 2, didn’t go well. With its branded products, Razr, Lenovo-owned Motorola holds a model market share in China.

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According to industry analysts, Samsung might control up to 75% of the folding phone market. Samsung is anticipated to keep extending its market share in the nation with the release of new products. About 10 million foldables were sold by the firm last year, with the Flip 4 accounting for 60% of sales and the Fold 4 for the remaining makeup. The company’s capacity to adapt and compete in a highly competitive market is depicted by Samsung’s success in the Chinese foldable smartphone market.

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