Samsung One UI 5 Watch for Galaxy watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 is coming

For a couple of months, Samsung has been running the testing program for its Galaxy watches, and during this time, the Korean giant has released five beta updates. And after taking all the feedback, the company finally officially announced the One UI 5 watch for the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5, and it will take place in a few hours or days.

One UI 5 watch will enhance the user experience.

One UI 5 watch is the latest generation of skin for the Galaxy watches, including the Galaxy Watch 6Galaxy Watch 5, and Galaxy Watch 4. The latest update brings several new enhancements to

Watch, which will enhance the user experience. For a quick tour, the watch faces and tiles get improved functions, and Samsung Health grabs some new features like heart rate guidance, Backup and Restore data for your watch, and many more.

Focusing on maintaining users’ health, Samsung has introduced a sleep coach that will track your sleep and assign you a ‘sleep animal, which will help you understand your sleep patterns.

As we said, the One UI 5 watch stable version is starting to roll out from today, and it is expected that the update will be available to the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 4 watches in the US and South Korea because the beta program is also running in these countries.

In early 2022, Samsung announced that the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 would get four One UI watch updates. Based on this policy, these Galaxy watches will get update support for up to four years. This means the Galaxy Watch 4 will get the update to One UI Watch 7, while the Watch 5 series will get the updates up to One UI Watch 8.

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