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Samsung Galaxy Devices with 4 Years of Android OS Updates [List]



Samsung is now number one at giving out software updates on schedule. But, people are mad because they’ve been slow and not very careful with security updates. Samsung is proud because they promise to give four years of updates for your phone, and they’ve improved a lot. In this article, we’ll look at which Samsung Galaxy phones can get these extra four years of updates.

Samsung used to offer third-generation OS upgrades exclusively, but the company later changed its policy to allow Galaxy consumers to continue using the most recent mobile technology for a longer length of time. The Galaxy S series, Z series, and a few Galaxy A/M/F series smartphones, as well as some tablets and watches, are all covered under Samsung’s One UI (Android OS) policy, which covers four generations.

One UI 6.0 Early Access Beta Device List

Let us tell you, a device with the support of the highest number of OS and security updates stays safer for a long time than those with the least number of OS updates. Informatively, many Galaxy Tablets, Galaxy S series, and Galaxy A series smartphones are eligible to get four years-OS updates and five years of security updates. The rest of the Galaxy device gets least updates than four depending on the device category.

These Samsung Galaxy Phones Get 4 Years Major Software Updates

In particular, the Galaxy S smartphones launched after the Galaxy S21 series (including), some Galaxy A smartphones launched after Galaxy A33 and A53 devices (including), and the latest Galaxy Z foldable and Galaxy Tab models will get four generations Android updates, starts after the version with which they have been launched. The devices’ names are listed below. 

Samsung Galaxy S Phones

  • SamsungGalaxy S23 (last updated: Android 17)
  • Samsung Galaxy S23+ (last updated: Android 17)
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (last updated: Android 17)
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 (last updated: Android 16)
  • Samsung Galaxy S22+ (last updated: Android 16)
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (last updated: Android 16)
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 (last updated: Android 15)
  • Samsung Galaxy S21+ (last updated: Android 15)
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (last updated: Android 15)
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 FE (last updated: Android 16)
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 2023 (last updated: Android 17) – Probably
  • All Samsung Galaxy S smartphones coming soon

Samsung Galaxy Z Folding

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 (last updated: Android 17)
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 (last updated: Android 17)
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 (last updated: Android 16)
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 (last updated: Android 16)
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 (last updated: Android 15)
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 (last updated: Android 15)
  • All the next Samsung Galaxy Z series devices

Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S9
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S8
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
  • All upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab S-series devices

Samsung Galaxy Wearables (WearOS)

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch6
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch5
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch4 (last updated 2025)
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic (last updated 2025)
  • All upcoming Galaxy Watches

Samsung Galaxy A Phones

  • Samsung Galaxy A33 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy A34 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy A53 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy A54 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy A73 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy A24 5G

Samsung Galaxy M Phones

  • Samsung Galaxy M34 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy M54 5G

Samsung Galaxy F Phones

  • Samsung Galaxy F54 5G

The list of products supported by Samsung will almost certainly increase over time, and other Android device manufacturers are also taking steps to improve their software policies so as not to break too far from the market leader.

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  1. Aam1495

    March 23, 2023 at 4:10 pm

    There’s an error with the s21 fe, it will get android 16. In fact, it was released with android 12 out of the box, so it will be updated as long as the s22 series.

  2. Mp

    March 26, 2023 at 11:46 pm

    S21FE will get Android 16
    It was released in 2022 with Android 12

  3. Jay

    May 13, 2023 at 6:11 pm

    S20fe 5g should get android 14

  4. Alex

    May 15, 2023 at 4:57 am

    Nice, but what about S20 5G?
    Hope will get Android 16 some how

  5. Bony Ahmed

    June 24, 2023 at 9:05 am

    Will there Android OS update how far for samsung galaxy F 23?

  6. Mohammed Ghazanfar Ali

    September 14, 2023 at 1:04 pm

    Samsung A 32 4G model ?

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 Early Benchmark Reveals Key Specs



Samsung is this close to debuting the next-generation flip phone, the Galaxy Z Flip 6, at the Galaxy Unpacked event in July 2024. The early benchmark now reveals the device’s key specs. 

Galaxy Z Flip 6 is the hot topic for now, and the leaks and rumors are going to increase the enthusiasm among Galaxy Foldable fans. Now the new benchmark listing is teasing them as it confirms a few largely predictable key specifications. 

Although the Geekbench database doesn’t mention the device name dedicatedly, since last year’s Galaxy Z Flip 5 model number SM-F731U and the present spotted model number SM-F741U are quite similar in existence, it is pretty obvious it stands for Galaxy Z Flip 6. 

Noticeably, just because this particular pre-release Z Flip 6 prototype features 8GB of RAM, that doesn’t mean the Korean giant is not setting up a higher 12GB configuration as well. The leaked benchmark confirms the expectation that the forthcoming Galaxy Z Flip 6 could be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset. 

The smartphone achieves impressive graphics performance in a benchmark test, exceeding the Z Flip 5 and even strongly competing with the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Given this prospect, it is expected that the Galaxy Z Flip 6 could offer a promising performance. 

Although there are yet no exact or official reports in existence regarding a Galaxy S-style processor separation for particular regions, The Exynos 2400 SoC, mind you, is not slow enough as compared to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 beast, so there’s a high chance that you would not be able to catch the difference between the two possible Galaxy Z Fold 6 models in terms of real-time performance. 

Somehow, it appears that it will be hard to convince people to buy the Galaxy Z Flip 6 since it has a familiar design rendered a couple of months ago and also unchanged charging speeds. It is expected that Samsung could offer a 3,700 to around 4,000 mAh battery and two 12MP rear-facing cameras.


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Samsung Could Use Gemini Nano Version 2 In Galaxy S25 Series




Samsung Galaxy S25 is next in line to join the premium ‘S’ series of the Korean giant and is expected to use Gemini Nano Version 2. 

Currently, Galaxy smartphones use Google’s Gemini Nano AI for on-device tasks, but now reports are unveiling that the forthcoming Galaxy S25 series will use the newer version of Gemini Nano 2. Some of the cloud-based features utilize the more powerful Gemini Pro; this suggests a key focus on user security and offline functionality. 

Transparently, the Galaxy S24 has broken the record of its predecessor series, and the Galaxy AI was a major reason behind this. Galaxy AI includes many generative AI tools that involve on-device AI, and most of them include text generation and language translation. 

Nguyen Phi Hung’s post on X speculates about this, despite the brand’s lack of official announcement on the matter. However, if the reports are accurate, Google and Samsung are preparing to collaborate once more to introduce the next generation of Galaxy S phones.

Samsung is gearing up to bring major improvements to Galaxy AI to the Galaxy S25 smartphones. At the moment, the brand has not revealed anything officially yet, but we can expect that it will offer a slew of performance and camera improvements with a similar form factor to what we have gotten over the past couple of years. 

For now, a thing that was quite unexpected is a new version of Gemini Nano, since it launched only a couple of months ago. Given this prospect, it is hard to expect Google’s release plan. It will be interesting to see what new features and novelties the forthcoming Galaxy S25 could release.


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Samsung Galaxy A35 5G Is Available In The US at $399




Samsung has already debuted the latest mid-range Galaxy A35 5G smartphone in several regions and has now made it available in the U.S. It features an immersive display, a high-end camera, and enhanced security. 

The Galaxy A35 features a 6.6-inch Super AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and 1080 x 2340 pixels of resolution. It has high-end camera specs, such as Nightography, to deliver clear, vibrant, and ready-to-upload photos even in poor-light scenarios. The battery package includes 5,000 mAh with the support of Super Fast Charging. The brand has equipped it with IP67 water and dust protection. 

The Samsung Galaxy A35 5G is the first device to bring innovative security features from flagship Galaxy devices to Galaxy A series devices. Samsung Knox Vault is a hardware-based security feature that helps to protect sensitive data on Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The brand has been designed to safeguard crucial information and protect against vulnerabilities, along with end-to-end secure hardware, real-time threat detection, and collaborative protection. 

The Galaxy A35 5G adds an extra layer of security as it offers a Security and Privacy Dashboard to enhance users’ control over their data. This will also permit them to see what data is being accessed, cancel permissions for applications, and utilize private sharing. Private sharing allows for secure 

Private sharing permits secure sharing of susceptible files with several controls, for instance, access permissions, expiration dates, and restrictions on screenshots or downloads. Samsung has designed the Galaxy A35 5G model to be a durable and secure business phone, as it has Knox Vault, a strong body and scratch-resistance display, high-quality photos in both bright and low-light scenarios, and many more.

The Galaxy A35 5G smartphone is available in two color variants, Navy and Awesome Lilac, on for $399.99. The deal is not here yet, since for a limited time on, you can get 30% off Galaxy Buds FE, but only along with a purchase of the Galaxy A35 5G. Interested parties can trade in their current smartphone and grab the enhanced offer worth up to $150 for the Galaxy A35 5G on the brand’s official website.

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