Google Pixel Fold Adopts Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5’s Screen Lock Feature

As part of the Google Pixel product line, Google designated, created, and launched the Pixel Fold, a foldable smartphone running on Android. Samsung has had a strong set of foldable smartphones, starting with the first range of the Galaxy Z series in 2019. Google introduced the Pixel Fold in late June, which was said to be the thinnest foldable and the company’s first attempt to compete with the Galaxy Z Fold. The reviews are mixed with many appreciations for the phone’s camera system and general design while criticizing its cost, toughness, weight, and display. However, Google’s Pixel Fold incorporates a screen lock feature from Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5.

When using an app on the cover display of the Samsung leaflets, users can continue to use ii without any interruption after unfolding the device on the larger display. Additionally, users can also launch an app on the cover screen when you fold it shut if they activate the Continue applications on the cover screen feature. Coming to Google’s Pixel Fold, where you close any app, the interior display with a 7.6-inch screen and the exterior display with a 5.8-inch screen when it gets closed cause the screen to turn off, and in order to wake up the device, the user requires to reopen the applications. The Pixel Fold missed a helpful feature that served best for the users of the Galaxy Z Fold.

But this isn’t something to be worried about; the Android 14 QPR (Quarterly Platform Release) 1 beta for the Pixel Fold now supports this functionality. Users of the Galaxy Z Fold 5 can activate the Keep applications on the cover screen option setting in One UI to address this problem. It offers additional flexibility and user control by letting users select which applications keep the display on while turning the phone. As per Android Authority, Google is developing a setting that is conceptually related to the One UI setting but slightly different in implementation. Continue using applications in the Fold is an option that can be found in Android 14 QPR1’s first beta and can be discovered under the “display” options.

As a default, it is set to “Games, videos, and more only,” which covers the vast array of apps you use and the information you may access. However, before it becomes stable later in 2023, users can check out Google’s first QPR beta of Android 14, which has been delayed from its initial August release date. The option can easily be changed to “always” or “never”. In essence, this is the difference between having your external display constantly on while folded and having it always sleep.

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Thanks to “Android Authority