Samsung Phone Discounts: Save Big with Second Prime Day

Prime Day for October, also known as Prime Big Deal Days for 2023, is now over. Thousands more lingering offers are still available on Amazon’s website, though, even after the sales ended at 3 a.m. This year Prime Day is an absolute feast for the customers of smartphones and especially for the fans of Samsung, as the new launches of the manufacturer have popped up with astonishing deals.

Galaxy S23 Ultra: The Galaxy S23 Ultra contributes a great deal to the success of the S23 series, and you have a great chance to grab it. The Galaxy S23 Ultra sale from Amazon has expired, but the official site is still offering a sizzling trade-in discount. With a trade-in, the price of the gadget is reduced by up to $800 on the website. You may save $30 on the phone’s price if you choose a carrier.

  • Original price: $1199
  • Discount price: $399 (In Trade)
  • Save up to $800 with 67% off.

Galaxy S23+: The official Samsung shop is offering a fantastic trade-in discount on the Galaxy S23+. You may save up to $615 if you have an extra gadget to trade in.

  • Original price: $999
  • Discount price: $384 (In Trade
  • Save up to $615 with 62% off.

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G: The affordable range got more affordable with the Amazon deals; the gadget is getting $52 cheaper. It may not seem like much, but it is a great deal for budget-friendly customers.

  • Original price: $243
  • Discount price: $299
  • Save up to $52 with 19% off.

Galaxy Z Flip 5: The brand new Galaxy Z range with 256 GB of storage now comes with a $110 lower price. If you ever wanted to try the foldables, this is the best time to grab them.

  • Original price: $899
  • Discount price: $999
  • Save up to $110 with 11% off.

Galaxy Z Fold 5: Along with the Z Flip 5, its sibling model, the Galaxy Z Fold 5, also gets a great price reduction of around $300 and comes with 256 GB of storage. Get your hands on the foldables by getting them now on Amazon deals.

  • Original price: $1499
  • Discount price: $1799
  • Save up to $300 with 17% off.

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