Samsung Celebrates Toy Story with Limited-Edition Galaxy Buds FE

“The Galaxy Buds FE toy story” bundle, now introduced by Samsung Electronics, includes a Disney character-themed cover together with the extremely well-sounding wireless earphones known for their affordability. In partnership with Disney’s hit animated film Toy Story, the business is bringing a set of wireless earbuds called Galaxy Buds Fan Edition along with a character cover. Lovers of the Toy Story film series would always want to own ‘Lotso Bear’ and ‘Ham’, because of the character designs rather than Woody or Buzz. Samsung’s new limited-edition device was also disclosed. The “Ham” case costs 36,300 won, while the “Lotso Bear” case costs 39,600 won.

The gadget can be purchased from online shopping sites and Samsung Gangnam. Starting today, only G Market will carry the Galaxy Buds FE Toy Story” bundle. The cost of “Ham” and “Lotso Bear” character case packages from Toy Story is 125,900 won. With its strong active noise-canceling (ANC) feature and robust bass sound, the “Galaxy Buds FE” product offers a new level of immersion. However, G Market will bring in a special price from November 6th to November 19th to commemorate the launch of the new gadget. The cost is 105,900 won during the promotional time.

This time around, an adorable expression based on the motif of the enduring villain character Lotso Bear is featured on a dark pink case. The fluffy texture, which resembles a doll, offers a comfortable grasp. The round face and apricot color of the clever Dr. Cheokcheok piggy bank ham character case add to its collection appeal. It is also possible to buy the recently launched case without the box separately. It is compatible with the newest wireless headphones, the Galaxy Buds FE, as well as the Galaxy Buds 2 and Galaxy Buds 2 Pro.

A Samsung Electronics official said, “This package is a product that allows you to enjoy the cute charm of the Galaxy Buds FE, which has excellent sound quality and a reasonable price, and the globally popular Toy Story characters in your daily life,” adding, “We will continue to support the diverse tastes and sensibilities of Galaxy Buds users in the future.” “We plan to engage in extensive collaboration with various brands to satisfy customers.”

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