How to join One UI 5.0 Beta Program- Android 13

Samsung is currently working on its latest upcoming Android 13-based skin, One UI 5.0. Samsung will start beta testing for its flagship smartphone very soon. Galaxy S22 Ultra will be eligible for One UI 5.0 beta in the first phase.

How To Register One UI 5.0 Beta Program: Samsung is planning to release the Android 13-based One UI 5.0 Beta program. However, still many users are not aware that Samsung has released the beta program for their smartphones. So today, we will tell you, with the help of this post that how you can register in the One UI beta.

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How to register One UI 5.0 Beta Program 

  1. Open Samsung Members app
  2. In the Samsung Members app click the One UI notice
  3. Then tap Registration of One UI Beta Program to submit the application from your Samsung account.
  4. You can do this through the settings menu: Settings > Software update > Download updates manually.

If the Samsung Members app does not show ONE UI Beta notice then don’t worry, we have brought you new tricks to register beta.

  • Open Samsung Pay
  • In the featured section you will One UI Notice banner
  • Tap on the banner and register beta program


Back up your data before doing an update. Although OTA Update doesn’t require backing up your data, it is still best to make backing up data a practice every time you update anything on your phone. Make it a habit at any time.

  • Plug your Samsung phone into power, or keep the battery level over 40%.
  • The update process takes some time.
  • Do not operate or power off your device during the process.
  • DO NOT root the phone yourself, for that might cause damage to your system, and the warranty service will be terminated immediately.

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