Samsung won an Award for transforming discarded nets into recycled materials for Galaxy devices

Another accomplishment has joined the award wall of Samsung recently. The South Korean tech firm has announced that the company became the winner of the SEAL Business Stability Awards 2022. The Award has been bagged in the lap of the South Korean firm due to its innovative idea of producing high-performance recycled material for Galaxy devices by converting discarded fishing nets into it. This initiative of Samsung is not only helpful in reducing marine waste with the benefit of recycled material but beneficial for the environment’s safety also.

Let us tell you that discarded fishing nets are widespread ocean-bound plastics that directly affect marine life and our planet also. Deduction of this waste has become a necessary but challenging work at present. In that manner, the work done by Samsung is definitely worthy-of-praise. For information, the South Korean manufacturer first used these fishing nets in the incorporation of recycled material for the Galaxy S22 series. Since then, this material is getting used in designs throughout the whole Galaxy ecosystem, including laptops, tablets, and earbuds also.

For those who are unaware, this initiative of the company is part of MX’s sustainability vision, Galaxy for the planet. This vision shows the company’s journey to drive concrete climate actions across global business operations and product life cycles. In that manner, Sungsun Park, EVP and Head of the Mechanical R&D Team of MX Business at Samsung stated, “Samsung is committed to continuing our sustainability journey and unleashing the company’s scale, innovation, and spirit of open collaboration to deliver even more tangible climate actions.”

By appreciating Samsung’s thoughts and work for the climate and environment, Matt Harney, the Founder of SEAL Awards, has stated, “A staggering 640,000 tons of fishing equipment are abandoned in the ocean each year, trapping and entangling marine life and damaging coral reefs. We applaud Samsung for transforming the Galaxy smartphone series to combat this environmental challenge.”

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