Samsung’s RegiSter back tapping gesture now available for Fold series with a new sensitivity option

Last year, Samsung introduced the RegiStar module for Good Lock, a set of powerful customization tools that give users greater control over their Galaxy devices. RegiStar includes a range of useful features, such as the ability to customize the phone’s settings and more.

One of the biggest new features added to RegiStar is the tap gesture on the back of the device. This gesture was first available on the Galaxy S and Flip lineups, allowing users to double and triple-tap to launch apps or execute actions. For the Fold4, there is a new firm press-and-hold gesture available on the outer display. These new gestures make it even easier to interact with your device and quickly access the features and apps you need.

Good Lock RegiSter’s Back tapping gesture available for Galaxy Fold series

Today Samsung released a new update for the RegiStar module with version 1.0.36, and the back tapping feature is now available for the Fold series with a sensitivity option; users can customize the feature to their liking, making it even more intuitive and convenient to use.

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With RegiStar, users can re-configure the menu of the Settings home screen, change the order of settings, hide and manage groups, and even change the method of displaying the Samsung account on the Settings home screen. Additionally, RegiStar allows users to search through settings, change history and change notification settings.

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