Google’s new security scheme for Android apps

Google’s Operating System, Android, currently has its monopoly over the smartphone world. Besides iPhone, nearly all smartphone uses Android in them, excluding a few like Huawei. The reason behind Android’s leadership is its strong security measures and schemes. Recently, Android’s parent Google came up with another security-related feature that will surely prevent security risks in your device. Let’s know more about it.

As Samsung’s Galaxy phones are also booted with Android, the new security feature will benefit them as well. Notably, this new scheme will make sure that the applications installed on your device lets you delete your data. The search engine giant has recently announced that all the app developers of the Google Play Store have to provide the ability to delete the user’s data and account, either within the app or via the web.

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Let us tell you this step has been taken in order to straighten the device’s data safety measures. All app developers should put a data deletion request form on the Play Store listing page of the app. Additionally, Google also said that there would be a separate badge for the data deletion information, which can be found inside the data safety section of the app. All developers can submit new data deletion questions by December 7th.

Informatively, this new safety measure, Play Store’s data deletion feature, will let all the users delete their data from the application, no matter whether the app is installed on the device or not. There will be no limits to this feature, and everybody will be able to delete their data or account via the web. All developers should comply with these changes by May 31st, 2024. The feature will come into use by the next year.

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