April 2023 security update rolls out for Galaxy F23 5G, Galaxy M30s, and Galaxy M42 5G

Samsung is known for its fast availability of updates for its devices. At present, the company has already started rolling out the May 2023 security update for the Galaxy devices, but having a large number of devices, the Korean giant is still expanding the month older update for the remaining Galaxy devices like Galaxy F23 5G, Galaxy M30s and M42 5G.

The main reason for the late availability of the update for these devices is that they belong to the eligibility criteria of quarterly updates, which means they will get four security updates per year, and because of this, the Korean giant pushed the late update for the devices, while monthly eligible devices always get every new update in the first half of the month.

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Users who own Galaxy F23 5G can identify the latest update by the firmware version number E236BXXU3CWD1. The Galaxy M30s is getting the update with software version M307FXXS4CWC2, and the Galaxy M42 is getting the update with a different version number M426BXXU5DWD1. The latest update for all three devices is now live in India.

The April 2023 security update is one of the security updates which doesn’t come with any new features, but as per the official documentation, the latest security update includes over 60 fixes that enhance the overall security of the device.

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Moreover, the update may also contain some improvements for the internal function of the device, which are not usually described in the changelog, but as per the past updates, it surely brings some enhancements that make the device more stable.

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