Samsung Always Wins the Software Update Race, Despite Having Too Many Devices

Samsung is one of the oldest smartphone-manufacturing companies; it is the only company in the Android segment that directly rivals Apple in terms of smartphones. It is also worth noticing that having a large catalog of devices, the company doesn’t use any sub-brand or any other name. All the devices are classified under different lineups.

In earlier days, Samsung was only focused on the quality of hardware of its phones, which was much appreciated by users, but at the same time, the company has faced criticism for weak software functionalities. But with time, the company has changed its strategy and turned its focus towards software and enhancing its capabilities. One UI introduction was the main game changer in it; Samsung has made many improvements to the devices and also updated them rapidly in comparison to other brands.

How fast is Samsung in terms of major software updates?

After introducing the stable Android version update dropped by Google, Samsung opened the beta program of One UI. Initially, the company rolled out the beta update to the flagship device; in the current context, here are some examples of flagship devices, including Galaxy S23, Galaxy S22, Galaxy Z Flip 4, and Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Last year Samsung introduced it’s One UI 5, which was the latest skin upgrade based on Android 13; it was first introduced for Galaxy S22 series devices on August 5; later, after completing the beta update, the same device received the stable update in late October.  

The company constantly expands the update to all the eligible devices, and is completed in the first quarter of this year. While other Android-based brands are still rolling out Android 13 updates for their devices. In simple words, Samsung took approximately six months only, but other brands are using a whole year.

Is One UI 6.0 will be available earlier for Galaxy devices?

To start the new One UI update program, Samsung is waiting for Google to reach platform stability, and if we observe the Google Android 14 cycle, it is already reached platform stability, but it is currently in its second last stage, which is running in quite ideal timing similar to the previous year. So there are fewer chances of One UI 6 coming early.

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