Non-Samsung PC’s and Laptops can now have accessibility over Samsung Quick Share

The Samsung Quick Share for Windows was introduced more than two years ago. The only Windows PCs, tablets, and smartphones that could access this program were those bearing the Samsung name. In the most recent version of the software, Samsung is now making the Quick Share app available for more non-Samsung devices, which, inturn, satisfies anyone who has a Samsung phone and a non-Samsung PC. This is exciting news from the firm’s side right now. The business has published the updated Quick Share version 1.4.40 for Windows.

The South Korean tech giant’s Quick Share software could only be installed on Samsung devices, meaning that it could not be used on Windows devices from other manufacturers. Quick Share was limited to PCs built by Samsung earlier. as a result of this modification. As a result of this modification, the official update change log now notes that it “supports Windows PCs of other companies.” It is possible to transfer files and more from your Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet to any of your Windows PCs without facing any difficulties with the help of this functionality.

Windows-based devices must have Wi-Fi driver version 22.50.07 and Bluetooth driver version 22.50.02 from Intel to obtain Quick Share function; MediaTek or other manufacturers’ processors are not currently supported; it will only function with these versions. But Google Nearby Share and Microsoft Phone Link are still respectable substitutes. Another important point to remember is that Google earlier this year released Nearby Share for Windows.

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It requires any Android device with Google Play Services and any 64-bit Windows computer. This is a brand-neutral local file-sharing solution. Unless Samsung Quick Share is significantly quicker, you’re better off using this option. Samsung has not indicated whether there are plans underway to make the application available for all Windows PCs without any limitations. To prevent any hassles, the Windows operating system, Bluetooth drivers, and Wi-Fi drivers should all be current.

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