Samsung’s 83-inch OLED TV with LG Panel to Debut Soon

LG Display is the most anticipated manufacturer and holds a top spot in the TV sector, and Samsung Electronics may swiftly establish itself in the developing OLED TV market. Soon, OLED TV cooperation between Samsung Electronics and LG Display will officially launch with the release of Samsung Electronics’ 83-inch OLED TV model. Industry sources claim that on July 3, Samsung Electronics announced the addition of an 83-inch OLED 4K TV with model number KQ83SC90AEXKR to its OLED TV lineup in the July/August edition of its general consumer products catalog.

Last month, Samsung finished the TV model’s conformance registration with Korea’s National Radio Research Agency, and to let customers know about the product’s sales, it added the TV model to the catalog. Within three months following registration, a product is frequently launched. Due to the fact that LG Display is the only firm capable of producing 83-inch panels at the moment, Samsung Electronics’ first 83-inch OLED TV garnered interest from the industry.

In actuality, the huge Korean TV company is still finalizing its distribution timetable. Some TV industry insiders predict that the next TV model will be available as early as August. By increasing the number of OLED TVs, it offers, Samsung Electronics is anticipated to have the upper hand in pricing negotiations with Chinese firms that control the LCD industry. From both the firm’s side, there has been no official announcement.

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Samsung Electronics has stated that” Nothing has been finalized yet regarding the launch of an 83-inch OLED TV model.” OLED TVs featuring three different types of Samsung Display panels, measuring 77, 65, and 55 inches, are manufactured and sold by Samsung Electronics. Samsung is the leader in the global TV market, but it accounts for only 6.1 percent of the share in the OLED TV market; LG holds 54.6 percent, and Sony holds 26.1 percent.

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