Samsung will make using smartphones with big displays easier

Samsung released its first foldable smartphone a few years ago, but the company is currently working on its first sliding gadget. While the idea of sliding screens is intriguing, providing more screen area when needed without making the device cumbersome, Samsung must overcome certain obstacles before releasing their slidable phones. Also, it is possible to get a glimpse of what to anticipate from a potential sliding smartphone from Korean tech, according to a recent patent that Samsung has secured.

Maintaining comfortable one-handed management of the retractable screen is one of these challenges. An interesting patent from Samsung, exhibiting their most current innovation, a mobile phone with a flexible display that can slide or extend, was just released. The disuse of smartphones single-handedly is one of the major disadvantages of huge screen devices, and the manufacturer admits that they have chosen to work to address this issue.

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The ability for users to submit tactile inputs on the rear surface of the device is one feature that distinguishes it and should make using the gadget with one hand easier. They have created a mechanism that allows users to operate the device’s features by making inputs on the back panel’s surface. A Rear touch function has appeared in the patent illustration, and it may be turned on or off in the settings of the device. The technical team at Samsung created a customized rear panel that can read touch inputs, enabling users to manage numerous screen functionalities using gestures like touch, hold, and drag.

The system designed will be able to count on the following five gestures:

  • Touch – performs the function
  • Tap and drag – move the object
  • Double-tap and long press – select the object
  • Double tap, long press and drag – swipe the screen
  • Double tap – enter the first mode

Whatever the case, it is obvious that we need to wait a few more years before a smartphone similar to the one that was shown on the patent hits the market. 

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Thanks to “Pigtou