Samsung and MediaTek Collaborate to Achieve Record-Breaking 5G Upload Speed

Through the successful testing of 5G Standalone Uplink (UL), and 2CC Carrier Aggregation (CA) with C-Band UL MIMO, Samsung Electronics and MediaTek have accomplished a groundbreaking advancement in wireless mobile capabilities. The test was carried out utilizing the first-ever three transmit (3Tx) antennas in the industry in the company’s lab in Suwon, Korea, greatly increasing upload experiences. It is anticipated that this accomplishment will improve connections for customers all across the world.

The 5G network portfolio of the corporation, comprising C-Band enormous multiple input, multiple outputs (MIMO) radios, virtualized distributed unit(VDU), and core, are utilized on the 2CC carrier aggregation(CA) tests carried out. Although the partners admitted that current smartphones and CPEs could only handle two antennas, they claimed that the successful uplink testing suggests a future when such devices may support three antennas.

Using MediaTek’s new M80-based CPE chipset, the test device initially utilized one uplink channel each at 1,900MHz and 3.7GHz. However, an additional uplink flow was later introduced, utilizing MIMO technology at 3.7GHz. With the use of 3Tx antennas, both companies were able to achieve an impressive peak throughput rate of 363Mbps, approaching the theoretical maximum for uplink speeds. Samsung is actively advancing 5G networks through its market-leading product portfolio, which includes virtualized RAN and Core, private network solutions, and AI-powered automation tools, all supported by continuous research and development efforts.

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Will Townsend, VP & Principal Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, stated that” With demands on mobile networks rising, enhancing upload performance is essential to improving consumer and enterprise connectivity, as well as application experiences. Samsung and MediaTek have achieved an important 5G Standalone milestone in a demonstration which underscores a tangible network benefit and does so in a way that can help operators maximize efficiency.”

In order to provide the connection for hundreds of millions of consumers globally, the firm now offers network solutions to mobile carriers. Further, HC Hwang, who is the General Manager of Wireless Communication Systems and Partnership at MediaTek, opened up,” Our collaboration with Samsung has proved our combined technical capabilities to overcome previous limits, enhancing network performance and efficiency, opening up new possibilities for service providers and consumers to enjoy faster and more reliable 5G data connectivity.”

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