Samsung’s 89-inch Micro LED TV enters the Korean Market

Samsung Electronics, which aims to achieve a milestone in television technology, launched the 89-inch Micro LED into the Korean market. The purpose of this model’s launch is the firm’s attempt to extend its dominance in the ultra-premium TV industry. Sales of Samsung’s first 89-inch MicroLED TV have begun in its native nation, Korea after the company previously displayed it at the Home Appliances and Electronics World Expo 2023(AWE 2023) April in China. Comes with the model number MNA89MS1BACXKR for the Korean version.

Micro LED employs non-organic materials for its screen, enabling it to achieve even higher contrast levels for a more natural and realistic image as well as a longer lifespan than OLED displays. Since micrometer-sized LED lights are used to create micro-LED displays, each pixel is really a group of three LEDs that work together to produce each little speck of information. The 89-inch Micro LED has the singular capacity to emit light and colors independently, negating the need for backlighting or color filters.

The firm is providing a bundle deal that includes the 85-inch version of the Frame TV, the HW-Q990C soundbar, and the freestyle complete package to commemorate the release of the 89-inch Micro LED. The freestyle, a mobile battery, a carrier, and a skin/cradle are all included in the whole Freestyle kit. Customers can earn 5 million Samsung Electronics membership points if they purchase the product before the end of the month. The product has a manufacturing price of 130 million won.

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“Starting with the 89-inch model, we will expand the Micro LED lineup to 76, 101, and 114-inch to expand consumers’ ultra-premium TV choices and lead the market by maintaining the super-gap in next-generation display technology,” says Taehwan Hwang, Vice president of Samsung Electronics Korea.

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