Samsung refreshes Galaxy Wearable app with new update

Galaxy Wearable is one of the most important applications of Samsung’s ecosystem. The application provides the bridge to establish the connection between Galaxy Watch and any Android smartphone. So to make it functional better, Samsung has released a new update.

Galaxy wearable gets a new update

Samsung has recently released a new update for the Galaxy wearable update. However, the new update doesn’t come with any changelog, so it can’t say what exactly it changes with the new update. But as the update comes after the release of the One UI 5 watch update, it is expected that it may enhance the compatibility of the functions, which will make it more smooth to use.

Availability and installation

Galaxy wearable app’s new update is now available on the Play Store. The latest update comes with version number It comes with a 22MB software size as the app is available on the Google Play store, so it can be easily installed from there in Android smartphone or tablet which is running on Android 5.0 or above.

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