Samsung Internet Browser Beta 23 Update Brings New Features

The Samsung Internet Browser Beta got an update on the Google Play Store and the Galaxy Store. They added a few small but useful things. It’s called version 23, and it will be on the regular version soon. Let’s see what changes they make.

Samsung Internet Browser Beta v23 Update

Samsung Internet Browser is a popular web browser for Android phones, especially for people who have Samsung phones. Why do people like it? Well, it’s built on Chromium, so it’s fast, and it has cool features like secret mode (where you can protect it with a password, your signature, or your fingerprint), it can protect you from being tracked, it supports extra things you can add, and more. Samsung has been making it better over the years, and you can get it on the Google Play Store.

They have two versions: one that’s stable (meaning it doesn’t change much) and one that’s a beta (which means they test new stuff before everyone gets it). Right now, they just released version 23 of the browser in beta. It has two interesting new things: it keeps a longer history of the websites you visited, and it helps you complete web addresses when you type them.

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Before, the browser could only remember 500 web addresses in your history. But in version 22, they made it remember your history for 60 days. Now, in version 23, they extended it even more to 90 days. That’s a big improvement! Sometimes people go back to the same website a lot without saving it, so the browser now helps you by finishing the address for you when you start typing it.

In addition, User Agent Client Hints (UA-CH) support has been added to meet the needs of developers, which should be a valuable solution to protect user privacy while providing essential information to developers. The Chromium engine was then updated to version 115. The team claims to have several other new features in the pipeline that will be implemented with the next builds of version 23.

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